Society of Swedish Authors in Finland

The Society of Swedish Authors in Finland (Finlands svenska forfattareförening) is the central organisation of Swedish-language writers in Finland. It was founded in 1919.

The aim of the Society

From the start the Society was described as “purely a professional union of fiction writers, critics and essayists”. The main aim was, and still is, to safeguard the general and economic interests of the Swedish-language writers in Finland and to promote Swedish-language literature in Finland. Problems confronting us at that time, as well as at present, are mostly economical, in addition to questions concerning copyright.


The Society can be joined by a Swedish-language writer in Finland who has published at least two original works of fiction in Swedish.

At present the Society has 190 members; 89 men (47%) and 101 women (53%).

Areas of special interest

Areas of special interest are contracts between authors and publishers, exercising proper influence on copyright legislation, defending the free lending of books in public libraries and the compensation therefore to the authors (the Public Lending Right-system, PLR), working for more government scholarships to authors and more artists' state pensions, social security for authors and a lower VAT on e-books as well as books printed on paper.

The secondary use of literature such as copying on paper and digital copying, broadcasting and use in television etc. are handled through collecting societies, mainly Kopiosto, founded in 1980 and Sanasto, founded in 2005.


It is of great importance to the writers to have representatives in committees and boards dealing with the topics mentioned above - this refers to governmental committees as well as private ones. The Society is represented in all vital committees.

Co-operation with other organisations, national and international

The Society closely co-operates with other similar organisations, such as the Union of Finnish Writers, translators’ and dramatists’ unions and many more.

International co-operation is channelled mainly through the Nordic Writers´ and Translators’ Council, the European Writers’ Council, the Baltic Writers’ Council and the International Writers’ and Translators’ Center of Rhodes.